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Material Safety Data Sheet List

2017 FIRST© Robotics Competition
Material Safety Data Sheets
for W.Hi.R.R. (Winthrop High Rambler Robotics) FRC # 5471

Because each of these materials is lised as being used on the robot in 2017, these Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) need to be printed out and in the Pit area for all 2017 F.R.C. competitions.

Item   Description   MSDS
Battery Group
EnerSys Genesis NP18-12B Battery   Lead-acid battery used to power the FRC robot.   MSDS
Lubricant Group
Elmer’s Slide-All® Dry Spray Lubricant   Spray-on lubricant used on upright rails and grabber slide rails.   MSDS
LubriMatic Lower Unit Gear Lube   Gear Lubricant   MSDS
Lucas Red N Tacky #2 Grease   Lubricating grease supplied in the FIRST drive kit to lubricate the drive motor reduction gears.   MSDS
Material Group

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