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Below is the list of the tools and supplies we anticipate needing to build our robot. As we learn of other items that we need, they will be added to the list.

If you would like to support the team by donating any of the items on this list, please contact us at team5471@team5471.org. We’d love to hear from you.

This list is roughly sorted by importance. Items higher up on the list are more essential than items near the bottom.

The rightmost column shows our current status for acquiring each item, using the following notation:

  • = We don’t yet have the minimum number.
  • ࢫࢫࢫ = Optional - we don’t absolutely require this item, but we could use one or more.
  • OK = We have acquired the minimum number of this item, but we could use more.
  • = We have acquired as many of this item as we feel that we need.

Safety Goggles/Glasses View ImagePPEANSI certified with clear lenses and side shields. OTG (over the glasses) style is preferred.240012OK
Mechanic’s Work Gloves View ImagePPEGloves that allow the flexibility to work with tools while providing protection from cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.72000
 ↳ Small View ImagePPE 14000
 ↳ Medium View ImagePPE 16000
 ↳ Large View ImagePPE 16000
 ↳ X-Large View ImagePPE 14000
 ↳ X-Small View ImagePPE 12000
12V Battery View ImagePart12V, 17.2AH, sealed lead acid battery.5003OK
12V Battery ChargerToolCharger for 12V sealed lead acid battery2003OK
 ↳ Single View ImageTool 2002OK
 ↳ QuadToolCharger that can charge up to four 12V batteries simultaneously.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Adjustable WrenchToola.k.a. Crescent Wrench2004OK
 ↳ 6”Tool 2001OK
 ↳ 8”Tool 0002ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ 10”Tool 0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Combination Wrench SetToolTool with an open-end wrench on one end and a box-end wrench on the other.3007OK
 ↳ MetricToolWrenches sized in millimeters.1004OK
    ↳ RatchetingToolWrenches where the box end ratchets.0002ࢫࢫࢫ
    ↳ StandardToolWrenches where the box end does not ratchet.1002OK
 ↳ SAEToolWrenches sized in fractions of an inch.2003OK
    ↳ RatchetingToolWrenches where the box end ratchets.1001OK
    ↳ StandardToolWrenches where the box end does not ratchet.1002OK
Screwdriver SetToolPhillips and Standard screwdrivers in various sizes.1001OK
Socket WrenchToolRatcheting square tipped adapter with handle4003OK
 ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 2001OK
 ↳ ¼”-DriveToolThis smaller-sized socket wrench will allow us to use ¼” sockets without having to use an adapter.1001OK
 ↳ ½”-DriveTool 1001OK
Tape MeasureTool12’ to 25’ lengths are preferred.3000
12V Connector View ImagePartSB50 Anderson Powerpole Kit. This is the standard connector used in FRC.9001OK
Abrasive Wheel Chop Saw View ImageToolA benchtop saw for cutting metal.0100
Abrasive Wheel for Chop Saw View ImageSupplyReplacement “blade” for the metal-cutting chop saw.0002ࢫࢫࢫ
¼” Hex BitsToolStandard-sized interchangeable bits for cordless screwdrivers6005OK
 ↳ ScrewdriverToolPhillips and Straight bits in various sizes.1001OK
 ↳ Nut driver View ImageToolHex sockets.2002OK
    ↳ MetricToolSockets sized in millimeters.1001OK
    ↳ SAEToolSockets sized in fractions of an inch.1001OK
 ↳ TorxTool 1001OK
 ↳ HexTool 1001OK
 ↳ SquareTool 1000
Ball-Peen HammerTool 0003ࢫࢫࢫ
DrillTool 3003OK
 ↳ Cordless View ImageToolHeavy-duty cordless rechargeable drill.3000
 ↳ CordedTool120vac Hand-held drill.0002ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ PressToolStandalone drill on a frame that descends in a fixed line when a handle is pulled.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Drill Bit Set View ImageToolCobalt, titanium, or other steel-drilling types.1001OK
HacksawTool 0002ࢫࢫࢫ
Hex Wrench SetToola.k.a. Allen Wrenches2000
 ↳ MetricToolWrenches sized in millimeters.1000
 ↳ SAEToolWrenches sized in fractions of an inch.1000
PliersTool 4003OK
 ↳ Needle-nosedTool 1002OK
 ↳ Slip-jointTool 1001OK
 ↳ Tongue-and-Groove View ImageToolAlso known by the brand name Channellock.2000
Tool BoxTool 3001
 ↳ Top ChestToolMetal portable top tool chest with at least four drawers and carrying handles.1000
 ↳ Base CabinetToolMetal rolling tool cabinet with drawers that also serves as a base for the top cabinet.1000
 ↳ Tool Bag View ImageToolSmall bag for carrying tools.1000
Wire Crimping Tool View ImageToolPreferably the ratcheting type.1001OK
Wire Cutters View ImageToola.k.a. Diagonal Cutters.2000
Wire StrippersTool 1002OK
Metal FileTool 0008ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ FlatTool 0002ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ Half-roundTool 0002ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ RoundToolVarious small diameters for cleaning out drilled holes in metal.0004ࢫࢫࢫ
Rotary ToolToolAlso known by the brand name “Dremel”. Preferably corded 120vac, but cordless units will also work.0012
Rotary Tool Metalworking accessories.ToolCut-off wheels, grinding and burnishing tips, etc.0011
Aviation SnipsToolSnips for cutting through sheet metal.0004ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ Left-CurveToolIdentified by Red Handles.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ StraightToolIdentified by Yellow Handles.0002ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ Right-CurveToolIdentified by Green Handles.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Digital Multimeter View ImageToolMeasures voltage, amperage, and resistance in electrical systems.1001OK
Hearing ProtectionPPEDevices to prevent ear damage when working with loud tools and equipment.206000
 ↳ Earmuff View ImagePPEProtection worn over the ears.6000
    ↳ Adult View ImagePPEFull-sized.4000
    ↳ Youth View ImagePPESmaller size.2000
 ↳ Ear Plugs View ImagePPEHearing protection worn inside the ear.200000
    ↳ Reusable View ImagePPEFor team members to use repeatedly.100000
    ↳ Disposable View ImagePPEFor visitors to use once.100000
Manual Multi-Bit ScrewdriverToolThis manual screwdriver accepts standard ¼” bits.2005OK
 ↳ Standard Handle View ImageToolThe handle extends along the length of the shaft1005OK
    ↳ Non-Ratcheting View ImageToolThe bit always turns with the handle.1002OK
    ↳ Ratcheting View ImageToolSwitch allows the bit to only be turned in one direction.0002ࢫࢫࢫ
    ↳ Spiral Ratcheting View ImageToolIn addition to ratcheting, pushing the handle in causes the bit to turn.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ T-Handle View ImageToolThe handle is mounted perpendicular across the top of the shaft1000
Parts DrawersToolDrawers to hold the various small parts.0015
Pop Rivet ToolTool 0012
Portable Bench ViseToolNeeds to be able to clamp onto a bench. We don’t have the ability to permanently attach the vise to a bench in our current work space.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Cordless Drill Battery View ImageToolLithium-Ion Battery that fits the Cordless Drill4002OK
Cordless Drill Battery ChargerToolCharging Station for Lithium-Ion Battery for Cordless Drill2003OK
 ↳ Single View ImageToolAble to charge one battery at a time.2001OK
 ↳ Quad View ImageToolAble to charge up to four batteries at a time.0002ࢫࢫࢫ
Cordless Drill SetToolCordless Drill with Battery and Charger3000
Cordless screwdriverToolThis cordless tool takes standard ¼” hex bits.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Face Shield View ImagePPEFull face protection for working with tools that produce sparks. Also provides protection from acid splash from a leaky battery.2002OK
Fire Extinguisher View ImageSafety 1001OK
Mechanic’s Tool Set View ImageToolCraftsman 230-Piece Silver Finish Standard and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set1000
Power StripToolHeavy-duty industrial-grade power strip. Minimum capacity of 15 amps @ 120vac. Ideal size is 48” and 8 outlets.1002OK
Socket Drive Bit Set View ImageToolCraftsman 42 piece ¼” and ⅜” Drive Bit and Torx Bit Socket Wrench Set1000
SocketsToolAdapters that mount onto a square-drive socket wrench.270024OK
 ↳ External HexToolSet of external hex adapter tips for socket wrenches.110017OK
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 4008OK
       ↳ MetricToolSockets sized in millimeters.2004OK
          ↳ 6-Pt StdTool6-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
          ↳ 6-Pt DeepTool6-Point Long/Deep Sockets0002ࢫࢫࢫ
          ↳ 12-Pt StdTool12-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
       ↳ SAEToolSockets sized in fractions of an inch.2004OK
          ↳ 6-Pt StdTool6-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
          ↳ 6-Pt DeepTool6-Point Long/Deep Sockets0002ࢫࢫࢫ
          ↳ 12-Pt StdTool12-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
    ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 5007OK
       ↳ MetricToolSockets sized in millimeters.2004OK
          ↳ 6-Pt StdTool6-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
          ↳ 6-Pt DeepTool6-Point Long/Deep Sockets1001OK
          ↳ 12-Pt StdTool12-Point Standard Height Sockets0002ࢫࢫࢫ
       ↳ SAEToolSockets sized in fractions of an inch.3003OK
          ↳ 6-Pt StdTool6-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
          ↳ 6-Pt DeepTool6-Point Long/Deep Sockets1001OK
          ↳ 12-Pt StdTool12-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
    ↳ ½”-DriveTool 2002OK
       ↳ MetricToolSockets sized in millimeters.1001OK
          ↳ 12-Pt StdTool12-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
       ↳ SAEToolSockets sized in fractions of an inch.1001OK
          ↳ 12-Pt StdTool12-Point Standard Height Sockets1001OK
 ↳ Universal Joint Socket Adapter View ImageToolAdapter that allows the socket head to pivot relative to the socket wrench, allowing extra flexibility for difficult drive angles.3005OK
    ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 1001OK
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 1003OK
    ↳ ½”-DriveTool 1001OK
 ↳ Socket Wrench ExtensionToolBar that extends the reach of a socket wrench.3001OK
    ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 1001OK
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 2000
 ↳ Internal Hex BitsToola.k.a. Allen Wrenches3001OK
    ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 1001OK
       ↳ MetricToolWrenches sized in millimeters.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
       ↳ SAEToolWrenches sized in fractions of an inch.1000
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 2000
       ↳ MetricToolWrenches sized in millimeters.1000
       ↳ SAEToolWrenches sized in fractions of an inch.1000
 ↳ Internal Torx BitsTool 2000
    ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 1000
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 1000
 ↳ External TorxTool 2000
    ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 1000
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 1000
 ↳ Screwdriver BitsTool 2000
    ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 2000
       ↳ PhillipsTool 1000
       ↳ SlottedTool 1000
 ↳ Socket AdapterToolAllows one size socket wrench to use sockets for a different size wrench1000
    ↳ ⅜”-Drive to ¼”-DriveToolAllows a ⅜”-Drive wrench to use ¼”-Drive sockets.1000
Acid-resistant Apron View ImagePPEApron that provides protection from acid spills, such as a leaking battery.1000
Angle Finder View ImageToolThis tool adjusts to accurately measure inside or outside angles, then locks with a thumb screw to allow the angle to be transferred.0012
Denim Apron View ImagePPEProvides protection from sparks when cutting and grinding metal2000
Label MakerTool 0011
Spinner Handle View ImageToolA tool similar to a screwdriver that has a standard socket adapter for a tip.0014
 ↳ ¼”-DriveTool 0002ࢫࢫࢫ
 ↳ ⅜”-DriveTool 0002ࢫࢫࢫ
SquareToolCombination or speed square.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
Work LightToolPortable hand-held work light or flashlight.2002OK
Inspection Mirror View ImageToolSmall mirror on a telescoping handle. Used for looking in hard-to-see places.1001OK
Retrieval ToolToolPick-up tool with flexible and/or extendable handle.2000
 ↳ Magnetic View ImageToolMagnetic head for picking up ferrous parts1000
 ↳ Claw View ImageToolClaw head for picking up non-ferrous parts1000
A.E.D. View ImageSafetyDevice to provide defibrillation treatment in cases of cardiac arrest.1000
Hacksaw BladesSupply 4006OK
Acid-resistant glovesPPEGloves to protect from acid spills from a leaking battery.1001OK
Battery Tray View ImagePartFrame to securely contain the battery within the robot chassis.1000
Caliper View ImageToolA tool to accurately measure inside width, outside width, or depth.1001OK
Computer AccessoryPartItem designed to attach to the laptop.10000
 ↳ Ethernet Port SaverPartEthernet port extension to decrease stress on the laptop’s ethernet port.2000
 ↳ USB CablePartCable to connect two devices via USB ports.3000
    ↳ USB A to USB B cable View ImagePartConnects a USB A port to a USB B port3000
 ↳ Ethernet Network Patch Cable View ImagePartConnects two RJ-45/Ethernet ports5000
    ↳ 5’PartFive foot length.3000
    ↳ Various LengthPartLength not specified.2000
Coupling View ImagePartSleeve to connect two shaft ends together.3000
 ↳ Rigid View ImagePartCreates a solid connection between the two shafts.1000
    ↳ ⅜” Round × ⅜” Round View ImagePartConnects two ⅜” Round shafts together.1000
 ↳ Beam View ImagePartCreates a mildly flexible connection between the two shafts.2000
    ↳ ⅜” Round × ⅜” Round View ImagePartConnects two ⅜” Round shafts together.2000
LightingPartLight effects for the robot.1000
 ↳ StaticPartLighting that is either on or off, with no animated effects.1000
    ↳ LEDPartLighting produced by Light Emitting Diodes.1000
       ↳ Green LED Ring Light View ImagePartThis light is ideal for mounting around a camera lens to provide illumination of the camera’s target.1000
Micrometer View ImageToolA tool to accurately measure outer width.1001OK
Robot ComponentPartPart of the standard FRC robot kit.141000OK
 ↳ Motor ControllerPartDevice that takes computer input and sends appropriate electrical signals to a motor.4000OK
    ↳ Victor 888 View ImagePartOlder style, operates on PWM signals. Prone to failure.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
    ↳ Victor SP View ImagePartNewer style replacement for Victor 8880001ࢫࢫࢫ
    ↳ Talon SRX View ImagePartSmart speed controller supports CAN, additional communication protocols, and integrated PID control.4000
 ↳ BearingPartA machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts.74000OK
    ↳ Radial LoadingPartBearing that supports a rotating shaft.72000OK
       ↳ FlangedPartBearings with a flange on the outer ring to simplify axial location.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
       ↳ UnflangedPartBearings without a flange on the outer ring.72000
          ↳ 47mm x 17mmPart47mm Outer Diameter, 17mm Inner Diameter40000
          ↳ 26mm x 10mmPart26mm Outer Diameter, 10mm Inner Diameter32000
    ↳ Thrust LoadingPartBearing that supports a rotating load.2000
       ↳ 12” Lazy SusanPart12” thrust bearing with attachment points on both the upper and lower rings2000
 ↳ MotorPartConverts electricity into rotary motion.20000OK
    ↳ StandardPartA motor that rotates continually when voltage is applied.18000OK
       ↳ AM-9015 View ImagePartAndyMark 9015 Motor0001ࢫࢫࢫ
       ↳ AM Snow Blower Motor View ImagePartAndyMark Snow Blower Motor0001ࢫࢫࢫ
       ↳ Bosch Seat Motor with Harness View ImagePartMotor with built-in encoder, high torque, low speed, right-angle mount to star shaft.2000
       ↳ Throttle MotorPartDenso Throttle Control Motor16000
    ↳ ServoPartA pulse motor that advances one step for each pulse sent from the controller.2000
       ↳ HS-322HD View ImagePart 2000
 ↳ Drive BeltPartBelt to connect a drive pulley to a driven pulley.1001OK
    ↳ SmoothPartSmooth belt that drives smooth pulleys by friction alone.0001ࢫࢫࢫ
    ↳ ToothedPartBelt with notches along the inner edge that interlock with ridges on the pulleys.1000
       ↳ Gates HTD Timing BeltPartBelts with a standard 5mm tooth pitch and 15mm belt width.1000
          ↳ 170T View ImagePart170 tooth (850mm) length1000
 ↳ SwitchPartDevice to complete, route, or interrupt an electrical circuit.24000
    ↳ MomentaryPartSwitch that holds one position only when pressed. On release, reverts to a different position.24000
       ↳ Micro SwitchPartHoneywell V7-1V20E9-000-1. Normally Open (NO), Single Pole (SP), Single Throw (ST), 21A, Pin Plunger.20000
       ↳ Mini Snap Switch, Roller Lever View ImagePartMini Snap Switch. Single Pole (SP), Double Throw (DT), 10A, Long Roller Lever2000
       ↳ Mini Snap Switch, Pin Plunger View ImagePartMini Snap Switch. Single Pole, Double Throw (DT), 15 A, Pin Plunger.2000
 ↳ Voltage Regulator Module View ImagePartThe Voltage Regulator Module provides access to different constant voltages for custom sensors, cameras, or other unique applications. 12V DC Input Directly fed power from the Power Distribution Panel. Designed to work with the roboRIO FRC control system.1000
 ↳ WiringPartVarious cables used to connect robot components together.10000
    ↳ 2-Position & 4-Position Link Connectors View ImagePartTwo and four pin connectors with six feet of cable.10000
 ↳ EncoderPartElectronic device that reports shaft rotation to the computer.7000
    ↳ AMT103-VPartAn incremental encoder designed with 9 sleeve options ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm, and two simple mounting tools. On-board dip switches offer a selectable resolution range of 48 to 2048 pulses per revolution3000
    ↳ AMT103-V Wide BasePartA wide mounting base for the AMT103-V encoder.3000
    ↳ AMT103-V BasePartA standard-width mounting base for the AMT103-V encoder.1000
Roller Chain View ImagePartChain to transfer motion between two or more sprockets.3001OK
Roller Chain Sprocket View ImagePartConnector for transferring motion from a roller chain to a shaft.5003OK
Ruler View ImageToolDevice for measuring length.1000
Sensor Board (Accelerometer & Ethernet Gyro)PartA sensor board that combines a single-axis gyroscope sensor and a tri-axis accelerometer that interfaces directly with the RoboRIO.1000
Toner View ImageToolElectrical wiring test tool.1000
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor View ImagePartA sensor that detects objects and measures the distance to the object.2000
Video Camera View ImagePartUSB Camera to mount on the robot and provide video to the driver station.2000
Video Camera BracketPartSheet metal components to securely attach the video camera to the robot.2000

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